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Sorry, you’re mistaken. I know about Liberia because a very dear friend of mine was on the Board of the AME Zion Church, which had a college in Liberia. She was assigned to visit and help out from time to time. During the rule of the thugs and fighting among the thugs, everything was destroyed. Many – God only knows how many – of the faculty and students were murdered. My friend said that she was sorry for all the trouble that her ancestors had experienced being shipped out of Africa and in slavery here — but she thanked God that they DID get out, and thus ultimately gave her and her family the opportunity for a great life in the USA. Not the sort of sentiment you would hear from Colin Kaepernick, but then he’s an entitled idiot commie snowflake who has never been to Africa.

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Versa 1 anabolic minds

versa 1 anabolic minds


versa 1 anabolic mindsversa 1 anabolic mindsversa 1 anabolic mindsversa 1 anabolic mindsversa 1 anabolic minds