Un'infiltrazione steroidea

Spiccano anche gli attesi rientri fra i convocati del portiere Manno , del terzino destro Florio (che ha smaltito i postumi di un infortunio) e del difensore centrale Berti (assente nel precedente turno perché squalificato dal giudice sportivo). Confermato inoltre il talentuoso attaccante classe 2001 Pecorino .
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- a cura di Vincenzo La Corte

In his Nov. 25 address to the Roman Rota, Pope Francis manifests great concern for those who are divorced and remarried and deprived of the holy Eucharist. He hopes they will be given the pastoral care they need in their effort to seek a declaration of nullity. The hope “is to restore peace to their consciences and God’s will on readmission to the Eucharist.” Pope Francis’ recognition that readmission to the Eucharist can only come after the declaration of nullity helps to clarify certain matters. This is so especially for those Catholics who believe that, in Amoris laetitia, Pope Francis intends to allow divorced and remarried Catholics to decide for themselves whether they can receive Holy Communion. There is, though, nothing in the exhortation that indicates this is the Holy Father’s wish. Even if some bishops have allowed for such a policy, they cannot claim and should not claim support from Pope Francis. Critics of the Pope, though, need to pay closer attention to statements of the Holy Father that show he does not hold to the positions they fear he does. In his Nov. 11 video message, the words of Pope Francis respond to the fifth dubium of the four cardinals, and his Nov. 25 address to the Roman Rota responds to the first dubium. This is not to say he was consciously responding to these dubia. His intent was simply to teach the truth. If only the papal critics would pay more attention to the many and frequent teachings of the Holy Father that clearly articulate the truth, we would be better off. Fr. Weinandy is correct that “truth is the light that sets women and men free from the blindness of sin, a darkness that kills the life of the soul.” Pope Francis, however, has been and continues to teach the truth. It’s sad, though, that his critics fail to notice this. 

Un'infiltrazione steroidea

un'infiltrazione steroidea


un'infiltrazione steroideaun'infiltrazione steroideaun'infiltrazione steroideaun'infiltrazione steroideaun'infiltrazione steroidea