Trochanteric bursitis steroid injection dose

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    In extreme cases, where the pain does not improve after physical therapy, cortisone shots, and anti-inflammatory medication, the inflamed bursa can be removed surgically. The procedure is known as a bursectomy . Tears in the muscles may also be repaired, and loose material from arthritic degeneration of the hip removed. [4] (At the time of bursal surgery, a very close examination of the gluteal tendons will reveal sometimes subtle and sometimes very obvious degeneration and detachment of the gluteal tendons. If this detachment is not repaired, removal of the bursa alone will make little or no difference to the symptoms. [ citation needed ] )

    Trochanteric bursitis steroid injection dose

    trochanteric bursitis steroid injection dose


    trochanteric bursitis steroid injection dosetrochanteric bursitis steroid injection dosetrochanteric bursitis steroid injection dosetrochanteric bursitis steroid injection dosetrochanteric bursitis steroid injection dose