Topical steroid side effects rash

Many people are concerned about using topical corticosteroids because they have read or heard about these treatments from a range of sources including friends, family, the internet, media and even healthcare professionals such as pharmacists and general practitioners. It is important to remember that side effects predominately relate to high doses of systemic or topical steroid treatment in people who are seriously ill. In fact, topical steroids can be used for long periods with complete safety as long as you understand what strength to apply, how often to apply the treatment, how much to apply and how long to continue the treatment . It is a mistake to be too cautious about using topical steroids as sometimes this can mean that your skin condition may be inadequately managed and you then might need a stronger medication such as a tablet, for a longer time to get the disease under control. In general, topical treatments are considered safer than systemic (oral) treatments.

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Topical steroid side effects rash

topical steroid side effects rash


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