Super potent corticosteroids

Although the FDA acknowledges the benefits of Trametes veriscolor , one of the main reasons why they can't legally approve extracts of coriolus, like PSK, is because the API (active principal ingredient) needs to be precisely identified.  According to Paul Stamets, "PSK is an assortment of sugars and attached proteins but has no unique molecule responsible for its impact on the immune system. Without that API, verification from batch-to-batch is not possible. Thus, it is classified as an undefined drug. This is one reason why PSK cannot be legally imported nor marketed in the United States."

  • Boiling the mixture will cut down the time needed to make CannaButter , but this practice may burn the butter or destroy some of the THC . Be patient and simmer on a low heat.
  • Don't try to dry and smoke the leftover weed . If you did it right, all the THC is gone.
  • Always use real, unsalted butter. Don't cut corners with spreads or butter substitutes.
  • Don't use cannabis seeds and stems, if you do you'dd get a headache. The first time, stick with buds , shake or trimmings if you can.
  • All butter, including CannaButter , tolerates storage at room temperature for short periods of time. For the best results, store your CannaButter in the fridge when you're not cooking or enjoying a tasty buzz.
  • Note that a CannaButter high is more intense and often lasts 4 times longer than a traditional buzz. Start off slow until you know much you can handle.

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Super potent corticosteroids

super potent corticosteroids


super potent corticosteroidssuper potent corticosteroidssuper potent corticosteroidssuper potent corticosteroidssuper potent corticosteroids