Steroid shots keloid scars

Hi I had a lisfranc fracture to 1st and 2nd metatarsal in Dec 15. The impact for the break caused large blood clots across my mid foot and as a result I had a large and deep debridement that was covered by a skin graft. Area is about 10cm long by 4cm wide. It’s deep (can fit all my thumb in it vertically). Have been massaging twice a day with bio oil and trying to stretch by flexing my foot. Am doing partial weight bearing for another month before screws come out. One side feels softer but not much change in the other side, which is the deeper side. Anything else I could be doing?

What I know about keloids is that no treatment is satisfactory and that keloids often reappear, sometimes even bigger than they were before. However, it may happen that they reduce in size on their own after some time. Although they are not dangerous, I know that they are not so soothing to the eye.

Some of other possible treatments beside corticosteroids are cryotherapy (freezing the growths), laser treatments, radiation and surgical removal but surgical removal may leave scars.
Weight gain is an adverse affect of corticosteroids. Make sure you are not exposing your keloids to the sun as the sun may cause skin color change that may be permanent. Also make sure you are not aggravating them with cloths, that there is no rubbing or frictions as it may happen that they cause some cosmetic changes.
I heard about this new treatment for keloids. Doctors apply silicone gel to a keloid and leave it for 12hourse (or so) everyday. It is covered with bandage and changes every week or so. It is said that with silicone gel application, keloids tend to diminish in size and become smoother but it may take from 2 to 12 months of regular apply.

I had surgery in late February and they found an egg-size shaped lipoma in my colon which casued a massive bowel obstruction. They had to remove it through my abdomen so my scar is about 7-inches vertically long. I am just starting cortizone injections and also have used the cream for about two weeks. The redness is still very prominent, but the cortizone has softened it. It used to be very hard and rubbery and now it is softening. The staple marks are diminishing. I went to a plastic surgeon and he said to come back in 1 year to reevaluate it at that time.
Any more suggestions would be great. I also tried the Silicone sheeting, but it was kind of a hassle to keep on all day.....

Ask your doctor what he thinks about it?

Steroid shots keloid scars

steroid shots keloid scars


steroid shots keloid scarssteroid shots keloid scarssteroid shots keloid scars