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The rock band Rush adapted part of "Powerhouse" in their 1978 instrumental " La Villa Strangiato " (5:49 into the track) on their Hemispheres album, as did ska / soul band The Pietasters in Factory Concerto on their 1993 self-titled album , and alternative band Soul Coughing featured it in their song "Bus to Beelzebub" from their 1994 album Ruby Vroom . The tune has also been appropriated by They Might Be Giants (on the song " Rhythm Section Want Ad "), Devo (on "Fraulein"), and others. Other contemporary artists who have recorded versions of "Powerhouse" include Thelonious Moog, The Tiptons (with Amy Denio ), the Grammy Award -nominated string ensemble Quartet San Francisco , [13] and Steroid Maximus (featuring J. G. Thirlwell ). Lee Presson and the Nails included the song on their album Jump-swing from Hell: Live At the Hi-ball Lounge .

Steroid maximus youtube

steroid maximus youtube


steroid maximus youtubesteroid maximus youtubesteroid maximus youtube