Steroid hormone receptor pathway

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Mice with targeted deletions in thyroid receptor genes have provided additional understanding of the possible roles of different forms of thyroid hormone receptors. Knockout mice that are unable to produce the alpha-1 receptor showed subnormal body temperature and mild abnormalities in cardiac function. Other mice which lacked expression of both alpha isoforms were severely hypothyroid and died within the first few weeks of life. Mice with disruptions of the entire beta gene exhibited elevated TSH levels and deafness, while mice with mutations that disrupted only beta-2 expression had elevated TSH, but normal hearing. Such experiments are beginning to allow determination of which functions of the different receptor isoforms are redundant and which are not.

Steroid hormone receptor pathway

steroid hormone receptor pathway


steroid hormone receptor pathwaysteroid hormone receptor pathwaysteroid hormone receptor pathwaysteroid hormone receptor pathwaysteroid hormone receptor pathway