Potency of different steroids

While this may very well be true, there isn't much evidence that it's actually the lack of pollination which caused the dramatic increase of potency experienced by cannabis enthusiasts at the time. Right around the time growers started producing non-seedy buds, the cannabis breeding scene was also starting to get established. Publications to assist cannabis growers like the High Times magazine appeared on the scene to help growers learn better growing techniques, and cannabis breeders like Nirvana started shipping cannabis seeds of famous strains to growers all around the world by mail order. 

The most "couchlock" or sedating effect happens towards the end of the pot harvest window, when the trichomes have become a darker color (usually amber/gold). The best results from amber trichomes come from indica strains. The amber/yellow trichomes contribute to a 'body high'. Some of the THC has converted into less psychoactive CBN, which has calming and anti-anxiety effects. With some strains, the trichomes will even turn red or purple! I like to harvest around when 20% have turned amber. At this point 70-90% of the pistils have darkened. Harvesting later will increase the sedating effects, but may also start reducing the psychoactive effects.

After a RRP, when and what are the possibilities for return of erections? Is an agent like Viagra or Cialis required to start or help in the recovery?
The chances of recovering erections depends upon the patient's age, how good his erections are before surgery, whether he takes medications for blood pressure or diabetes, how advanced the tumor is, the skill and experience of his surgeon, and whether or not he needs postoperative radiotherapy or hormonal therapy. Agents like Viagra are often helpful in speeding the return of erections.

Potency of different steroids

potency of different steroids


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