Mtv real life steroids

 But without significant research into exactly what he did, and who he really was before use ( not what his parents thought, because parents normally have no clue of who their child is during  the teen years ), it would be wrong of me . With that said, they have very little knowledge of steroids, to exclaim that steroids made him depressed and that he was a normal happy person until steroids, and they did all the damage , just seems off to me. They don’t mention the pressure D-1 sports put on a young person, or the work load of a top notch school, people commit suicide every year from just one of those issues, or less, without steroids ever being used, but why would the average American take responsibility for their own actions, or lack there of. Nope it is easier to blame a substance.

this is for you moderator. i spoke with bro nate i think it was day before yesterday when my emails would not go thru except for the foundation link. i sent bro nate important information later that evening. now this is the last time i am going to write to you. i told nate about my studies and how many hrs i have into this since december of 03. i have averaged up to 2 months ago 6 hrs of study, reading, analyzing EVERY DAY. looking for answers. needless to say i have been led down many, many ‘wabbit holes’ of lies and disinformation. to make it short, in dec of 03 i discovered burial grounds here in morgan twsp of traill county, nd. and this area is in direct relation to the “fema” dated stickers on our signage here. mostly dated stickers on back of certain roadway signs here. and everywhere else across america. now about 4 or 5 months ago i ran across a fellow that has a site that is exposing the ACTORS in this scenario of perception management of the masses. you can certainly call it mind control too. when i did that email to you i could not get thru to nate and was very upset because when i have information relating to national security and having to do with our fellow americans i regard that as very important. all my studies led me to ED CHIARINI and his site is; . he is exposing the actors of our political system and much more. he is gifted with photographic memory of faces and features of that particular person. i sent bro nate that address and now you have it. if you do not take the time to check out this important site then YOU TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST . I AM NOT GOING TO WASTE MY TIME OR NATES. THIS INFORMATION WILL CERTAINLY WORK IN WITH BRO NATES TOTAL EXPOSURE AS WELL. he is taking some much needed time off and i certainly cannot blame him one bit as exposing these darn satanists is not an easy job. that’s why the truth to get out there asap is the most important thing all of us patriots can do. i can go into detail about the “stickers” leading to burial grounds but if bro nate will let you have the email i did to him that’s what you need to read. if you do not what is transpiring then how can you be a truthful moderator? let me know what you are going to do. if you folks do not check out the facts presented to you by ed’s site then i am outa here. llerfald@. luther lerfald hatton, nd

Mtv real life steroids

mtv real life steroids


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