Memorable steroid era quotes

Many would assume that Hogan would get the top spot, but the Macho Man edges it due to all that he encompasses. Great in the ring; with show stealing matches against Ricky Steamboat, Ultimate Warrior, and Ric Flair at Wrestlemania’s III, VII, and VIII. Great on the mic; delivering captivating, entertaining promos to make him the best talker of the golden era. And many memorable moments; his Intercontinental title reigh/feud with Steamboat, his WWF title victory and the amazing Mega Powers storyline with Hulk Hogan, and his reunion/marriage to Miss Elizabeth.

Wet Hot American Summer : Ten Years Later (Netflix, Aug. 4th)
After the raves for Netflix's season-length prequel to cult-comedy holy grail Wet Hot American Summer last year, a sequel set a decade after the 2001 film was a no-brainer. The counselors – including Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Amy Poehler and many, many others – have reunited for a harebrained plot including a reincarnated sentient can of vegetables, Bill Clinton and a threat to sell their beloved campground. The biggest change-up? The shift from "oh god, remember the Eighties?" jokes to "oh god, remember the Nineties?" jokes. Bring on the grunge gags.

Memorable steroid era quotes

memorable steroid era quotes


memorable steroid era quotesmemorable steroid era quotesmemorable steroid era quotesmemorable steroid era quotesmemorable steroid era quotes