Medial epicondylitis steroid injection

Regarding diagnosis:

  • Does individual's occupation or hobby involve forceful of stressful use of the forearm, often in combination with repetition?
  • Does individual report elbow pain, swelling, and the inability to use the wrist and arm?
  • Has pain spread to the forearm?
  • Is the affected elbow on the dominant or nondominant side?
  • Does individual have a history of neck or shoulder injuries?
  • On physical examination, is the pain localized over either epicondyle?
  • Does pain increase with resisted wrist motion?
  • Is weakness noted in the forearm?
  • Has the individual experienced numbness and tingling in the affected arm?
  • Does the individual report occasional locking?
  • Did individual have an injection test done? X-ray? MRI?
  • Have conditions with similar symptoms been ruled out?
Regarding treatment:
  • Has individual responded favorably to treatment consisting of rest from the aggravating activity, ice packs, NSAIDs, and a splint?
  • Has individual received a corticosteroid injection?
  • Has individual allowed enough time for conservative treatments to be effective?
  • Was surgery necessary?
Regarding prognosis:
  • Is individual active in physical therapy? Does individual have a home exercise program?
  • Is individual's employer able to accommodate any necessary restrictions?
  • Has individual had an ergonomic evaluation of his or her work area?
  • Does individual have any conditions that may affect the ability to recover?
  • Does individual experience any complications such as radial or ulnar neuropathy ?
Source: Medical Disability Advisor

Lauren and her physical therapist work together to establish short- and long-term goals for her treatment. He prescribes ice to help decrease her pain, and teaches her some gentle movement and strengthening exercises. He also recommends an elbow brace to help alleviate pressure on the tendons in the elbow, which allows her to return to her important work tasks. He also shows Lauren how to better position her wrist when squeezing the icing bag, and teaches her a stretching and strengthening home-exercise program, which he modifies throughout the course of her therapy as her condition improves.

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Medial epicondylitis steroid injection

medial epicondylitis steroid injection


medial epicondylitis steroid injectionmedial epicondylitis steroid injectionmedial epicondylitis steroid injectionmedial epicondylitis steroid injectionmedial epicondylitis steroid injection