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Such deficits could affect many spheres of life, including interpersonal, occupational, educational and health-related aspects, given the ubiquitous nature of everyday remembering. Of course, these findings need further verification before any firm conclusions can be reached given that self-reports can be subject to a range of biases, for example some people may think their memory is poor and respond accordingly, while some think it is better than perhaps it is. The next step would be to look at more objective measures and to show why the use of AAS affects memory and learning and what impact steroid abuse has on the brain and its cognitive functions.

Increased educational resources are available to at least certain age groups and are now reaching larger numbers of children. The percentage of pre-adolescent athletes who have heard of steroids has increased significantly from 78% in 1989 to 88% in the current survey (p<.05). In 1989, only 50% of respondents had had steroid side effects explained to them. This significantly increased to 64% in the current study (p<.05). Currently, 60% of respondents felt that steroids, even if used carefully, would still harm the athlete compared to 56% in 1989 (p<.05). Furthermore, 65% currently consider steroid use a drug problem compared to 57% in 1989 (p<.05).

So, there is your assignment. Pick one opportunity -- some cause/effect relationship that will improve your operations or marketing or products and services or some key insight you can gain or some new approach to your products and services -- and do a machine learning, artificial intelligence or cognitive systems experiment . Take a flyer. Do something bold. Do something a bit risky. Try out chatbots . Do some text analytics. Play with social graphs. The costs are low enough that even if you fail, you have lost very little and perhaps gained valuable experience -- experience you will take into your next experiment.

Learning on steroids scott

learning on steroids scott


learning on steroids scottlearning on steroids scottlearning on steroids scottlearning on steroids scottlearning on steroids scott