Inhaled steroids asthma exacerbation

Nebulisers are machines that turn the liquid form of your short-acting bronchodilator medicines into a fine mist, like an aerosol. You breathe this in with a face mask or a mouthpiece. Nebulisers are no more effective than normal inhalers. However, they are extremely useful in people who are very tired (fatigued) with their breathing, or in people who are very breathless. Nebulisers are used mainly in hospital for severe attacks of asthma when large doses of inhaled medicines are needed. They are used less commonly than in the past, as modern spacer devices are usually just as good as nebulisers for giving large doses of inhaled medicines. You do not need any co-ordination to use a nebuliser - you just breathe in and out, and you will breathe in the medicine.

There is currently no good evidence that inhaled MgSO 4 can be used as a substitute for inhaled β 2 -agonists. When used in addition to inhaled β 2 -agonists (with or without inhaled ipratropium), there is currently no overall clear evidence of improved pulmonary function or reduced hospital admissions. However, individual study results from three trials suggest possible improved pulmonary function in those with severe asthma exacerbations (FEV1 less than 50% predicted). Heterogeneity among trials included in this review precludes a more definitive conclusion. Further studies should focus on inhaled MgSO 4 in addition to the current guideline treatment for acute asthma (inhaled β 2 -agonist and ipratropium bromide). As the evidence suggests that the most effective role of nebulised MgSO 4 may be in those with severe acute features and this is where future research should be focused. A set of core outcomes needs to be agreed upon both in adult and paediatric studies to allow improved study comparison in future. 

Inhaled steroids asthma exacerbation

inhaled steroids asthma exacerbation


inhaled steroids asthma exacerbationinhaled steroids asthma exacerbationinhaled steroids asthma exacerbationinhaled steroids asthma exacerbationinhaled steroids asthma exacerbation