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I am here because i tried very hard to sort it out via email, and got no where.
Like i said in the email i just sent, i am happy to send you screen shots of our conversation seeing as you delete all your emails im sure that would help you understand how you have frustrated your customer.
I replied with lollolol scammers because you felt the need to patronise me and be sarcastic.
I have sent an email now with everything you need so send me my orders and i write a proper review.
Peace out. Shame i had to do this to get a reply.

It is deeply, deeply satisfying. Up there next to shooting skeet in a field or pinging friends with paintballs. I kind of love the thing, but, you know, there’s one big problem with the PSVR Aim Controller. There’s only five games that currently work with it, including Farpoint , and all five require the VR headset—as Sony has announced no plans for the Aim Controller to work with non-VR games. So to have some sweet, and safe, gunplay action in your living room you need to drop $300 on a Playstation 4, $500 on a VR kit, and then another $80 on the Farpoint bundle. That’s $880 just to shoot some spiders in VR!

Gen tech labs steroids

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