Build big muscles without steroids

I’m an RN and an Amatuer BB. I can tell you that too much protein can indeed not only damage your kindneys, but can raise your blood sugar, your body fat comp. create more free radicals just to start. BUT, if your kidneys are healthy and you are active, even 2gms of protein per kilo of body weight is known to be safe and have no alteration of kidney function. The quality of protein, the timing, and variety are more important. Most importantly, remember to drink a lot more water when taking in more protein in a bulk cycle. Always check with you GP before starting anything new that could affect your health just to be safe. Poor kidney function can be insidious and not apparent for a long time. Stay strong all

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I get strength (also) from higher reps. And, nearly EVERY workout! I train at home using standard weights. A person who does this has an advantage. Assuming the smallest plates he has are lb. plates, he can order plates from York Barbell that weigh lbs each (that is, they weigh 20 ounces each). 6 plates are enough for a barbell and a set of dumbells. Next, he can go to the hardware store and buy 42 washers with a 1-inch diameter hole and a -inch outside diameter (being careful not to select any “oddball” washers that are overly thick or thin). These washers weigh ounces each; so, 8 washers weigh 20 ounces (or, lbs.). He simply adds a washer or two after each workout, making the assumption that he will be able to lift the “slightly” heavier weight the following workout. When he gets up to 7 washers, the next progression is to replace the washers with a lb. plate. This allows him to do the same workout (say, 3 x 12 for a particular movement), and have his muscles get used to handling just a tiny bit more weight — an unnoticeable amount — each time. Like the old saying, “By the yard it’s hard, but by the inch it’s a cinch.” It’s like pennies that add up to dollars. Over time, he will get stronger (I have), even though he’s training primarily for size.

Build big muscles without steroids

build big muscles without steroids


build big muscles without steroidsbuild big muscles without steroidsbuild big muscles without steroidsbuild big muscles without steroidsbuild big muscles without steroids