Best ug steroid labs

For starters, their raw powders are tested for purity before they begin producing a batch of injectables. They have each batch of powder tested for purity BEFORE they begin production of their injectables. This means they actually know what they're starting with, in terms of potency. Then, they take the raw powder and begin the production process in their sterile lab, under 100% sterile conditions. Everything from the conversion of raw powder into an injectable to the sealing of the product in individual sachets is done under totally sterile conditions. Finally, after they produce the sachets, a random sachet of each separate injectable is sent out to an independent lab, for testing. Only after each batch is independently tested, is the product released for sale to the general public.

British Dispensary (NOT british dragon ) so don’t confuse the two… British Dispensary is a pharmaceutical company out of thailand that makes the best damn dbol on the market. I love it! For my testosterone , I like Rotexmedica and Schering pharmaceutical brands . Cidoteston out of egypt is ok, but I wouldn’t put too much weight on it. For products like EQ , Trenbolone , primolan , I prefer to use well known brands like British Dragon or Thai Phoenix . I tried GB standard out of thailand and it was shitty, I didn’t see any results. I ran Thai Phoenix EQ I bought from a pharmacy in thailand and the results were amazing – so definately a difference. British dragon , the only complaint I had was the damn pain – I really wanted to kill myself over the god damn pain in my leg, so be careful on that one.

Best ug steroid labs

best ug steroid labs


best ug steroid labsbest ug steroid labsbest ug steroid labsbest ug steroid labs