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Typically the games are to take place every four years; however, the last Arab Games were held in 2011 and because of the recent events in the Middle East the games have been postponed with no set date in sight. Initially Lebanon was set to host the 2015 XIII Pan Arab Games, but "withdrew because of the crisis in the Middle East". [3] Following Beirut's withdrawal Morocco was then chosen to host the games, but faced financial complications and also withdrew. " Mohamed Ouzzine , Morocco's Minister of Youth and Sports [at the time, wrote to] the Union of Arab National Olympic Committees (UANOC) telling them that they would be withdrawing." [3]

A critique for the food selection and extemely high protein numbers, I myself was on a high protein diet getting about 125 grams of protein a day and to achieve that I had to consume protein shakes and lots of greek yogurt and meats, basically low nutrient dense foods. The more protein you intake the more has to be detoxified by your kidneys. I have now been vegan for 4 months and I lost little to no strength when switching to this diet, my gains have been on point if not better than before I was vegan, now I only get about 40-70g of protein a day, I also get about 600-1000 calories from fruit daily

Arab bodybuilding steroids

arab bodybuilding steroids


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