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  You are taking Mutant Whey as advised – post-training to aid recovery and renew muscle mass. Within thirty minutes after your training session is best. Please note: you can take whey protein at any time during the day that poses a nutritional gap, . mid-morning or mid-afternoon. You can also consume whey as part of breakfast, so one to three servings is recommendable.   BCAAs can be taken before, during and after training, to minimise muscle catabolism, so taking BCAA as an intra-workout product is ideal.   There are a number of ways to take creatine, according to your individual routine/goals. Generally, the recommended method is to take 3g prior to exercise, and another 3g post exercise, so this is how you would take Creakong. It is usually not necessary (or advisable) to use more than one creatine product at a time (such as Cre-X12, which is a carb. powder with added creatine and electrolytes).    Medi Evil Excalibur is a fat-burning product which also functions as a pre-workout formula; it should not be used in conjunction with any other stimulant-based product, . Stimutant, and should be taken in accordance with its specified guidelines:   “For best results, take one to two capsules in the morning one hour before food every day for six days. Break for one day and then repeat the process. This capsule may be large for some people, but can be consumed by separating the shell and pouring the contents into a small amount of water.”   I hope the above information assists in answering your question.   

Anabolic halo buy

anabolic halo buy


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