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High titer antibody responses to the Imovax Rabies vaccine made in human diploid cells have been demonstrated in trials conducted in England 1 , Germany 2,3 , France 4 and Belgium. 5 Seroconversion was often obtained with only one dose. With two doses one month apart, 100% of the recipients developed specific antibody, and the geometric mean titer of the group was approximately 10 international units. In the US, Imovax Rabies vaccine resulted in geometric mean titers (GMT) of IU/mL at Day 49 and IU/mL at Day 90 when three doses were given intramuscularly during the course of one month. The range of antibody responses was to IU/mL at Day 49 and to IU at Day 90. 6 The definition of a minimally accepted antibody titer varies among laboratories and is influenced by the type of test conducted. CDC currently specifies a 1:5 titer (complete inhibition) by the rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test (RFFIT) as acceptable. The World Health Organization (WHO) specifies a titer of IU.

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Feeding fruit regularly is beneficial not only because it simulates the gaps in primary food availability that a dog would experience in nature, but for what fruits don't contain: namely, excess fat, stored toxins, nutrient imbalances, etc. Even when dogs are raw-fed, the foods that are produced in the modern meat industry cant ideally meet their nutritional needs because they don't precisely resemble what wild dogs have eaten throughout their history. For example, humans have developed methods that produce food animals with a higher than natural ratio of muscle to bone. Wild birds that are capable of flying hundreds of miles have tiny breast muscles, while modern domestic poultry that cant fly at all have huge mutated chests that are only good for one thing – feeding humans. These manipulations create nutritional excesses or imbalances in those who eat them, even when the consumer is a carnivore.

2ferrets on steroids

2 ferrets on steroids


2 ferrets on steroids2 ferrets on steroids2 ferrets on steroids2 ferrets on steroids2 ferrets on steroids